PGA Catalunya Resort - Gerona

Residents' Club to Review and Validate

MDCI was contracted to review and validate the status of the construction works of the Residents´ Club, and to attempt to evaluate if its delivery - fully functioning - can be made by the new contractual date.

Aim of the study

Single building, consisting of Gymnasium, Spa, Changing areas and common areas on one floor, with exterior swimming pool, plus a semi-basement for engineering installations, with a total built area of 732,82 m2.

The aim of this study is to evaluate the current status of the construction work, its progress and to make an evaluation of the potential to reach the targeted delivery deadline. This was done by reviewing the revised contractual planning of works signed before.


After analysing all documents received and visiting the site we found that the original construction Schedule was defective in programming of the works as it allowed for an excessively long period of time for activities that could have been completed much faster — while leaving scant time for the more complicated and costly activities.


Therefore, as a remedial set of measures, we recommended that action is taken to even pre-commence activities before they are stated in the new Schedule, such as the engineering components inside the building, air conditioning tubing and distribution piping, under floor heating systems, plumbing works and electricity installations, as soon as possible. Equally, human resources must be reinforced substantially. It is also vital that all of the pending activities are contracted. Whilst it is traditional in Spain to contract activities at the last moment - this naturally imports risk - and must be managed correctly.

Conclusion by MDCI

Concluding, we believed that with the measures described previously being taken will lead to a situation whereby the majority of the works will be completed but that there will still be ongoing activities such as painting, snagging and engineering start-up operations. The building will appear and can be used as a “show unit” but may not be fully functional. Therefore the constructor may not have complied with his full contracted obligations by this date.

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