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Unfamiliar market

The success of any Development Project, particularly one located in an unfamiliar market, requires both extensive development and construction industry experience and an in-depth knowledge of the local area. The formidable challenges of cultural differences, work ethics, local traditions, land use laws and regulations must also be overcome. MDCI's Project Development Members possess all the necessary skills, which is why investors and developers trust us to oversee their project and protect their investments.

As Manager of the Project Development, we are actively involved with every facet of the Development Process from conception to completion. Planning and Design, Contractor and Supplier Selection, Negotiations License and Permit Processing, Construction Supervision and Marketing - we do it all, and we do it well.

Development Team

Relying upon both internal and external resources, MDCI will assemble a Development Team that has the expertise and experience to meet the unique requirements of each individual project. External service providers, such as Architects and Engineers, Attorneys and Financial Institutions are handpicked both for their expertise in their respective fields, as well as their demonstrated willingness to dedicate themselves to successfully completing the project under MDCI's Management and Supervision.


Our established record of successfully delivering projects on time and within budget means outside suppliers and contractors provide us with considerable leeway in negotiations, offering the most favourable terms available. In many instances, the savings we secure for our clients are more than sufficient to cover the cost of our services.

Monthly reports

During the development process, the project is refined and adjusted as may be needed from time to time, based upon factors highlighted in the monthly reports the Development Team prepares for owners and investors. The Team Manager will also be available at all times to answer questions and clarify or resolve outstanding issues. The Manager will remain fully dedicated to the success of your project until it is completed and delivered to you on time, within budget, and meets or exceeds your expectations.

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