MDCI’s 9 Steps to Project Management Success

The project management process is a chain of events which takes you from initial meeting to completion and delivery of the project. Once you've been assigned a project manager, they will lead you through every step of this process, constantly taking care of your interests and keeping the project on track, removing the stress and pressure from your shoulders. Here what you should expect when you work with MDCI Project Management Specialists.

1. Initial client meeting

We start by meeting with you to discuss the general parameters your project and determine your overall needs.

2. You are assigned a Project Manager

Next, a highly experienced Project Manager and his Team will be assigned to your project. From start to finish, the Project Manager will be your contact for all communications and other job-related matters. They are your go to person who will take on the load for the project and report back to you as and when is required.

3. You will receive a Project Evaluation Summary

Based upon an in-depth analysis, the Project Manager will create a detailed Project Evaluation Summary outlining each step of the development from commencement to completion.

4. Proposals and quotes will be received

The Project manager will then solicit and review proposals from reputable outside professionals such as architects, engineers and attorneys whose services will be required.

5. Applications will be made for the essential licences and permits

After the architects' and engineers' plans are finalised, the Manager will file license and permit applications with the appropriate governmental agencies. While the permit applications are being processed, the Project Manager will obtain bids from reputable construction contractors for the cost to complete the project in accordance with the plans and specifications.

6. The open market bidding process is managed to select the right contractor

The open market bidding process involves a minimum of five – and sometimes more – stages. During each stage, the Project Manager conducts in-depth interviews with potential contractor to ensure their quotations meet our strict quality standards, are all-inclusive and comply fully with the pre-established bid criteria. The Manager will submit the top two bids for you to make the final election as to whom the contract will be awarded. Construction will then commence in accordance with a pre-established development schedule.

7. Construction begins, monitoring and status reports are regularly sent

During construction, your MDCI Manager will keep you up to date through regularly submitted status reports detailing each aspect of the project.

8. We oversee all the details and keep everyone on track

The project will be under constant scrutiny throughout the process. When warranted by circumstances, the overall strategy can be revised as necessary to more closely meet the needs of you and your investors. We will be communicating with you regularly, as your input is an important part of the overall process.

9. The project is completed

The final stage in the process is completion of the project built to your specifications and delivered to you on time and on budget!

If you would like MDCI to handle your forthcoming project, please contact us. Our experienced project management team can work with you on everything from luxury villa management, strategic analysis consulting, project monitoring and management and project rescue. We have options suitable to every project and individual and offer a bespoke service with your goals in mind. Contact us to arrange a meeting and start your nine steps to project success.

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Dealing with Brexit

The townhall in Marbella is offering informative conferences on the matter and consequences of Brexit for residents on the Costa del Sol. The conferences are organised by the Foreign Department of the Townhall and will be held in English and Spanish. At the table will be expert lawyers, the British consul, tax consultants and members of the British community. The objective is to share information and answer questions regarding the future for UK residents trying to give some clarity on the future. Do you have any doubts?

The first conference will be held on the 12th November, 2019 in the Marbella Congress Palace (El Palacio de Feria y Congresos Adolfo Suárez). Entree is free and starts at 17.00h.

For more information Ayuntamiento de Marbella.

Brexit in Spain



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Town planning for a better future.

World Built Environment Forum Summit 2018

Interesting thoughts and information shared at the 2018 summit organised by RICS. The trend in town planning is changing from looking at the future of cities to developing a better future of people.

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In Marbella, Spain the Town Hall Planning department team is still in working  progress in drafting a new PGOU (Plan General de Ordenación Urbanistica) after the Supreme Court ruling in 2015 cancelling the  2010 PGOU. The consequences of this was that the 1986 PGOU was automatically  activated, suddenly changing the rules for Land Owners. Developers who had based their future return on build-able area assigned had to go back to the drawing board. You can only imagine the time-delay and costs involved. Are you familiar with the latest planning rules? Have you based your figures on the correct plans? MDCI can audit your project. An audit takes stock of two items: unitary pricing and re-measurement of plans to see if there are any contingencies, errors or omissions.

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Architects approve more plans

Highest level in construction since 2008

The recovery in Malaga province seems to continue in an upward trend. Figures issued by the Malaga “Colegio de Arquitectos' (College of Architects) show it had approved 61% more residential properties than the previous year. This is the third consecutive year of growth which means that the sector is coming out of the economic crisis.

Read more in the Sur in English.

Do you know the local urban planning?

MDCI has noticed an increase in the field of development. However, a big issue international developers face is understanding the urban and local planning laws. Too often we have to advise our clients that they do not have the right or up-to-date licenses and that the planning schedule of their project is not realistic which will result in many delays to the project with consequences to the bottom line.

One of our clients needed help and confirmation with their process of validating planning. An external opinion and advice was needed regarding their estimated timeline for planning and licensing. With our confidential report, which contained credible next steps with realistic deadlines, they were able to make the right decision for their investment.  We can provide a planning service independently from our other services helping the developer to understand what the opportunities and challenges of his investment will be. Contact us if you need any advice.

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Town Planning in Marbella Spain

Marbella council approves 1986 town plan.

Have you come accross planning confusion affecting your property investments?

With the recent cancellation of the 2010 PGOU official town planning in Marbella it can be difficult to know what to do, what to expect- and how to manage a valid way forwards.  The good news now is that we have a legalised master town plan in Marbella albeit dating back to 1986.

MDCI has learned over the years that you cannot be complacent with the local planning laws. We have been on the forefront of numerous Urbanistic challenges and worked diligently in resolving them. Rest assured that we can help you, if clarification is needed - and help you to make sure your project has all the legal requirements - avoiding delays and obstacles to your project.

Sur in English - Read more 


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Spanish Technical Architects and the RICS

Mutual recognition between CGATE and the international organization RICS.

published (click for Spanish Article). el mundo


This agreement will be very useful, among other things, facilitating the professional work of Spanish surveyors abroad.

The Spanish technical architects will now have direct access to a prestigious certification of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), one of the most exclusive and recognized international organizations of real estate professionals, which, among other things, will facilitate professional performance abroad and allow RICS standard to be complied with and respected.

What agreement?

José Antonio Otero, president of the General Council of Technical Architecture of Spain (CGATE) and Maarten Vermeulen, director of RICS for Europe, signed a mutual recognition agreement last Friday that articulates the collaboration that both associations have maintained in recent years.

Thanks to this agreement the Spanish technical architects will have a direct access route to the associate member qualification of RICS.

In order to be an associate member of RICS - in the field of Building Surveying, it is enough for collegiate technical architects to have one year of relevant professional experience after graduation, to pass an evaluation that the CGATE and RICS jointly develop and pass an evaluation in ethics.

The signed agreement establishes the objective of expanding the number of specialities as soon as possible. This access route to RICS allows the possibility of more experienced Spanish Technical Architects to access other routes established by RICS, in particular, the Senior Professional, Senior Expert or Professionally Experienced route.

What Partnership?

Likewise, the CGATE commits itself to recognize the professional qualifications of those members of RICS who fulfil the Spanish legal requirements. The CGATE will advise and where appropriate, report favourably to the Spanish authority - Ministerio de Fomento, requests for recognition of Qualifications in Spain for members of the RICS who possess academic qualifications comparable to those of the technical architects. “With this agreement, we improved the international employability of Spanish technical architects and engineers and contributed to the prestige of our profession,” said the president of the CGATE, José Antonio Otero. Maaten Vermeulen stated during the signing of the agreement that “the current collaboration between RICS and CGATE will be supported, enhanced and expanded, thanks to this agreement.”

The framework partnership agreement also opens the possibility of future collaborations, such as the recognition by RICS of training programs or professional certification systems promoted by the Colleges of Architects and Technical Architects.


RICS is a professional organization that accredits professionals in the field of real estate, development and construction. Founded in London in 1868, it now has more than 125,000 accredited professionals in more than 140 countries.


The General Council of Technical Architecture of Spain groups the 55 Colleges of Surveyors and Technical Architects of Spain, to which more than 50,000 professionals belong.

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Real Estate in Spain increases sales

The property market sales in Spain  saw an 18% increase in 2015.

The article in hostelsur reports us that according to the Ministerio de Fomento the 13% residential property in Spain was bought by Foreign buyers, meaning 1 out of every 5 sales. This is an increase of 9.8% with the year before.

The increase in the main destinations per region are Comunidad Valencia, Andalucía, Cataluña, the Canary Islands, the Baleares and Madrid.

Check out MDCI's Project Portfolio in Spain.

Read the article (in Spanish).

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Marriott buys Starwood Hotels

Marriott International and Starwood Hotels create the world's biggest hotel company

The deal will combine Mariott's 19 brands, including Ritz-Carlton and Fairfiled Inn, with Starwood's Westin, W and St Regis chains and will end up being the largest hotel chain with 5.500 properties worldwide.

Marriott in Marbella

Marriott's Marbella Beach Resort was the first Marriott flagship Resort in Europe and MDCI delivered the Project Management to make it happen.

As the VP-Design & Construction wrote: “With the services and skills provided by Mark Lawson, Marriott Vacation Club was able to guarantee a very high-quality product always achieving the targeted delivery schedule and maintaining the budgeted cost under strict control, resulting in financial benefit to the company”.


Marriott International buys Starwood Hotels-BBC News.

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Optimism in the property market

Property investment in Andalucia

Especially in Malaga and the Costa del Sol 2014 was a record year in terms of investment of property according to the latest report from international property market consultancy CB Richard Ellis.

The greatest investments have been in the hotel and residential sector writes The Sur in English, Increase in sales have meant that the housing stock in Malaga City and Marbella is almost non existent which has led to new housing developments being initiated for the first time in seven years.

CBRE points out that Malaga's property market “has changed direction over the past 18 months so that we can talk about consolidated growth and a new cycle for Malaga and Costa del Sol”. Read more in the below link.

Investment in Costa's property market reaches historic high

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