Project Feasibility Studies for Success

The difference between success and failure

Prior to undertaking a development project, detailed planning and feasibility studies prepared by qualified professionals are an absolute necessity.

At MDCI, we understand there are complexities associated with a project that unless controlled, can make the difference between success and failure.

We can prepare and issue individual reports, as and when required, or provide an all-inclusive Project Feasibility Study to prepare your project for success.

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The full range of studies we provide include:

Cost projections

A thorough review of all anticipated project costs enables us to accurately determine its profit potential. Our Project Financing experience allows us to guide our clients effortlessly through the multitude of financing options. We point out pitfalls to be avoided and recommend the most favourable option for the particular situation.

Cash Flow Projections

MDCI’s reporting procedures ensure our clients are always aware of the cash requirements and payment deadlines that must be met to avoid without disruption to the project timeline. If our projections indicate a need for adjustment, we will recommend and initiate the appropriate remedial actions.

Land valuation and licensing

The MDCI Team provides clients with surveys and valuations approved by the highly respected Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). We also thoroughly investigate all licensing and permit issues. Numerous permits will be needed, most of which must go through cumbersome and time-consuming, bureaucratic channels. Our experience means we will negotiate, process and obtain all needed permits and licenses in the shortest possible time.

Due Diligence Investigation and Fulfilment

Our in-depth analyses includes thoroughly researching each aspect of the investment being considered, verifying that contractual obligations can be met and that suppliers are capable of fulfilling their commitments throughout the project’s duration.

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