Strategic analysis, due diligence & recommendations

How is your potential investment?

You have gathered information on a potential investment opportunity, but you need it validated to allow you to proceed confidently without encountering unnecessary or unexpected delays and fees affecting the project's viability.

Language barriers, cultural differences, local development standards and procedures all add to the confusion, frustration and risk of investing in a distant and unfamiliar environment. Expert assistance and analysis is required to overcome these obstacles, and that's where MDCI comes in to the picture. Our team of experienced professionals will help you overcome the multitude of challenges by confirming the available resources, carefully analysing the project's investment potential and identifying pitfalls to avoid.

Maximum Benefit

Likewise, you may be at a point in the development process where you are ready to begin construction, but are uncertain as to how to receive maximum benefit from local market pricing. You of course need to avoid potential cost overruns and lengthy completion delays, but being an outsider, how will you ensure the various bids you receive are all-inclusive and from reputable contractors or service providers ?

Changes in the Market

What if the market unexpectedly turns downward and circumstances force you to scale back the project and deliver fewer units over an extended period of time? Do you have an exit strategy? What steps could you take to contain costs without incurring substantial penalties? On the other hand, if the construction process goes beyond the contracted completion date, how will you minimise the penalties?

Through these situations and many others, MDCI's Mark Lawson has gained a wealth of professional experience unparalleled within the industry. Regardless of the location or nature of the assignment, whenever you need specialist advice, you can rest assured that Mark, drawing upon his expertise, will assist you each step along the way to your project's successful completion.

During Mark's many years' experience, he has established numerous invaluable Construction and Development Industry contacts. As would be expected of a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS -, Mark has instituted and strictly adheres to rigorous policies on every project with which he is involved. Mark also maintains active memberships in AECMA ( and several other industry associations. With Mark, you are working with an ethical and highly experienced Property Development professional.

For information on how MDCI's Stragetic Analysis can assist with your project please contact us.