Strategic Analysis

Providing you with the knowledge you need to build with confidence

It can be hard to find the information you need to make an informed decision on your next project. Our experts can cut through the noise and the confusion in an unfamiliar environment through strategic analysis and due diligence. Our detailed reports and practical recommendations will arm you with everything you need to move forward with confidence.

Assessing your potential investment opportunity

We can help you if you need your research on a potential investment opportunity to be validated.

Language barriers, cultural differences, local development standards and procedures all add to the confusion, frustration and risk of investing in a distant and unfamiliar environment. Expert assistance and analysis is required to overcome these obstacles, and that’s where MDCI comes in!

Our team of experienced professionals will help you overcome the multitude of challenges by confirming the available resources, carefully analysing the project’s investment potential and identifying pitfalls to avoid.

Pricing advice and bid assessment

If you’re ready to begin construction, but are uncertain as to how to receive maximum benefit from local market pricing, it can be hard to know how to proceed.

You need to avoid potential cost overruns and lengthy completion delays, but being an outsider, how will you ensure the various bids you receive are all-inclusive and from reputable contractors or service providers? It’s time to call in MDCI!

Navigating changes in the market

There are so many issues to find solutions to during a development project. You may have to find an exit strategy or make massive changes due market conditions. You may be facing penalties and want to know how to minimise them.

MDCI’s Mark Lawson has a wealth of professional experience unparalleled within the industry. He’s dealt with it all before and can guide you to find the right solutions.

For information on how MDCI’s Strategic Analysis can help your project please contact us