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Las Olas – Mijas Costa

Project Rescue assignment

To intervene, manage and deliver the project Las Olas – Mijas Costa in Spain, which was being developed behind schedule and over budget.


The developer had run out of funds due to an incomplete initial budget which did not take account of all the construction costs. The project was 6 months late, but was only 70% complete and a further €5m was required to complete the project, with no prospects of generating any cash flow. MDCI’s challenge was to determine where we were, where we needed to go and how to get there.

Intervention and repair

MDCI intervened and repaired the construction contract, the bidding documents and the project documentation. We were then able to go back to the bank with a new cash flow projection. Instead of delivering the 100 units at once, we phased the delivery, enabling the client to obtain completion funds from sales and allow the next phase to proceed.

Identifying the problems

First, we had to identify the major problems. There was a lack of strategy in every single department which resulted in the project being extensively late, substantially over budget and suffering from serious quality issues.

Please read more in detail in our Management Services our project rescue section.

Completion, survival and profit

The end result was an impressive project that although was late and over budget, enabled our client to survive and make a profit.

So successful were our management efforts that the developer compensated his customers by installing good quality German kitchens in the units. This was paid for by the sharp reduction in landscaping cost we achieved by bidding out those works.

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