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Whether your next project is a luxury villa in Marbella or a large-scale destination resort, success requires a combination of in-depth experience and capable leadership. MDCI's Project Management Services team of knowledgeable and dedicated professionals, along with our in-place network of qualified service providers means we can offer a full range of management services custom-tailored to fit each project's unique requirements.

Modern construction is a complex minefield of schedules, peripheral conditions, legal obligations, and cost & resources issues. Without expert advice and guidance the project risks failure, and the client faces financial losses and possible liability. Professional Project Consultancy helps the investor, project developer or building owner to assess objectives and help adapt to this constantly changing environment to ensure the success of their construction project.

Exceeding expectations

Our all-encompassing Project and Construction Management background also means our clients enjoy consistently high levels of satisfaction with services we provide. We develop and deliver projects that invariably exceed our clients' expectations, while at the same time protecting their interests through sound management practices. From project conception to successful completion, MDCI's Project Managers guide clients through each step of the highly complex development process with procedures that are ethical, transparent and effective.

About us

Successful project management portfolio

During our twenty-five year history of assisting clients beit in Spain, or any other place, we have assisted, completed and delivered over 60 construction projects containing more than 7,500 individual units. MDCI's highly skilled professionals successfully reduced costs by more than €80 million, which represents a savings of approximately nine percent of the €980 million total combined budgets. Our Project Portfolio shows how we apply our knowlegde, skills, tools and techniques to meet each project requirements to a great success.

Smooth Development process

We offer an independent service, developed over many years, of managing each step of the development and legalisation process defending our clients' best interests. Using MDCI Project Management Services for your next project guarantees a smooth development process, and what's more, we can save you money and time. We are experts in developing project schedules, establishing deadlines with consultants, contractors, design and support personnel.

By keeping up-to-date with the latest developments in the market we can advise our clients the possibilities of using different building methods which means a quicker, cleaner and more efficient delivery process of the project, resulting in energy efficiencies, green Eco-friendliness and savings.


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The value of 30 years experience in Project Management.

Scope of Services

MDCI is a Full-Service Project Management Firm. We maintain presences in numerous locations throughout the world, which means our clients can confidently pursue investment opportunities in both established and emerging markets anywhere with the knowledge that their project is safe and in capable hands. We can handle anything from feasibility studies and site selection at the conceptual stage to stepping in and salvaging existing projects that have run astray. Learn more about our Scope of Services 

Wherever you are

Over the years, we have assisted clients throughout Europe, South America and Africa. Currently, we are actively involved in Spain and Portugal. Whatever the new project you are planning and wherever it is located, MDCI can help. Our depth of experience and applying northern European and American work ethics to Hispanic and international business practices guarantees our success. Learn more about our International Project Management Services »

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