Project Management

Single point of contact

Once the Feasibility Studies are completed, MDCI's Project Management Team becomes the client's single point of contact for all aspects of the Project throughout the remainder of the development process. Our proven methods, along with an unwavering commitment to consistently employing and enforcing Best Working Practices, form the basis for strategies designed to achieve all development goals and objectives.

Professional Services

Our comprehensive array of Professional Project Management Services, include the following:

  • Project Planning and Strategy
  • Project Launch and Implementation
  • Budget Preparation, Monitoring and Control
  • Risk Management Analysis and Supervision
  • Value Engineering, Including Alternative Design Cost Analyses, Volume Purchase Strategies
  • Supervision of Contractors and Suppliers

Who are the providers?

We carefully screen, enter into contracts with and oversee all service providers, including Architects and Engineers, Attorneys, Builders, Landsape Architects and Interior Designers. Our longstanding professional relationships with these outside contractors means our clients always receive optimal pricing, personal attention and flexible working arrangements. MDCI's comprehensive bidding process ensures that only the most highly qualified businesses and individuals are involved with the project. The result - quality workmanship, timeline savings and reduced project costs.

Legal requirements

Concurrently with the bidding process, we also ensure that all legal requirements are met and necessary licenses and permits are in place. Depending upon the project's location, these requirements can vary significantly. This is also the point where contracts with service providers selected through competitive bidding are finalized.

Client's liaison

As the client's liaison between service providers & subcontractors, the MDCI Project Manager is responsible for approving and supervising each component of every aspect of the development process. From the initial planning stages through construction to completion and issuance of occupancy permits, the Project Manager is also responsible for preventing, and when necessary resolving, the inevitable unforeseen glitches and delays.

Frequent contact

We understand the importance of frequent personal contact with our clients. From start to finish, clients are kept up to date through detailed job reports, providing them with an opportunity to refine or revise certain aspects of the project as may be necessary. The Project Manager will also ensure the development proceeds on schedule and within budget, resulting in a finished project that meets or exceeds the client's expectations.

View one of our projects we managed (Marriott's Marbella Beach Resort).

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