Project Rescue

Project Rescue Team

When things are going wrong call in MDCI’s Project Rescue Team and let us help you to regain control and get back on track. Our skills, experience and proven track record makes us the perfect team to steer you to success and avert disaster. Contact us to find out how we can help you.

Trust our experts

We understand that developments are complex and that things can go wrong. When you see budgets and timelines slipping and unexpected issues or costs arise, that’s the time to call in the experts. Let us help you to regain control and complete your project successfully.

We rescued a project after the developer’s funding was exhausted, due to an incomplete initial bid for funding that did not take account of all construction costs. The project was already 6 months late, but was only 70% complete, and the development loan had run out. The situation was desperate. Every day his position was worsening, he was haemorrhaging cash and credibility. The constructor wanted a further €5m to complete the works, but the developer could not generate any cash flow.

MDCI’s challenge was to determine where we were, where we needed to go and how to get there. We identified the major problems, intervened and repaired the contracts and documentation. Then we went to the bank with a new cash flow projection and strategy. This allowed the client to obtain funds and allow the project to proceed. Thanks to MDCI the development was completed and the developer made a profit.

 Las Olas – Mijas Costa

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