Teamwork makes your project a great success

A team of specialists

We understand that each project is unique. Therefore our first step is to assemble a team of specialists with the specific skills needed to meet the requirements of your project. This team will ensure that your project will be a success by applying MDCI's Project Management Process. Each team is headed by a Project Manager, who will coordinate all communications between the team and the client. The Project Manager's function is to aggressively protect the client's interests. He clearly communicates the project's requirements to the Team and oversees a detailed reporting process designed specifically to keep the client informed. This way the client will know the status of the project at any given time.

How is the Chain of events?

The diagram below shows the chain of events from our initial contact with the client to completion and delivery of the project (click on the photo to enlarge):


chain of events

MDCI's project management process

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How is MDCI's Project Management Process?

  1. We start by meeting with you to discuss the general parameters your project and determine your overall needs.
  2. Next, a highly experienced Project Manager and his Team will be assigned to your project. From start to finish, the Project Manager will be your contact for all communications and other job-related matters.
  3. Based upon an in-depth analysis, the Project Manager will create a detailed Project Evaluation Summary outlining each step of the development from commencement to completion.
  4. The Project manager will then solicit and review proposals from reputable outside professionals such as architects, engineers and attorneys whose services will be required.
  5. After the architects' and engineers' plans are finalised, the Manager will file license and permit applications with the appropriate governmental agencies. While the permit applications are being processed, the Project Manager will obtain bids from reputable construction contractors for the cost to complete the project in accordance with the plans and specifications.
  6. The open market bidding process involves a minimum of five – and sometimes more – stages. During each stage, the Project Manager conducts in-depth interviews with potential contractor to ensure their quotations meet our strict quality standards, are all-inclusive and comply fully with the pre-established bid criteria. The Manager will submit the top two bids for you to make the final election as to whom the contract will be awarded. Construction will then commence in accordance with a pre-established development schedule.
  7. During construction, your MDCI Manager will keep you up to date through regularly submitted status reports detailing each aspect of the project.
  8. The project will be under constant scrutiny throughout the process. When warranted by circumstances, the overall strategy can be revised as necessary to more closely meet the needs of you  and your investors. Your input is an important part of the overall process.
  9. The final stage in the process is completion of the project built to your specifications and delivered to you on time and on budget!