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by MDCI Project Managers / on 1 October, 2023

What to do when a fixed price contract is not being honoured

The best way to protect your interests and bottom line is to establish a rock solid fixed-price contract with your main contractors. This should include a project plan and well put together costing for the build and deadlines to meet along the way. It
by MDCI Project Managers / on 20 June, 2023

Why contracting a Project Developer helps to guarantee results and profits?

The returns available from building a villa, hotel, or a development of apartments or townhouses and then selling them on are considerable. This makes it a very attractive investment proposition and has caught the attention of groups and companies outside of the construction and
by MDCI Project Managers / on 15 June, 2022

What about inflation?

Unfortunately, the construction industry was already under pressure due to COVID, as the three-month lockdown caused a shortage of materials, and labour supply was affected by teams coming down with the coronavirus and therefore not being able to work. Now they are really suffering
by MDCI Project Managers / on 25 May, 2022

Property Investment in Spain

As project developers in Spain, we often work with investors to maximise the value of their project, ensure that budgets and timelines are hit and that all stakeholders are informed throughout. We will also work with developers from the very earliest stage to ensure