Golden Village Resort - Portugal

Vila do Bispo - Algarve

MDCI has been contracted for the Project Management and Development Strategy for the Golden Village Resort Project in Portugal.

The project consist of 12 distinct contemporary villas plus the infrastructure works. The project is based in Vila do Bispo a small town about 20 km west of Lagos and a short distant from the coast. This part of the Algarve is still relatively untouched by mass tourism and it is also situated near the most south westerly point in Europe. The Golden Village Resort is set on a hill-top location overlooking the beautiful coastline. 

Current Status

The construction of the infrastructure is projected and to commence by June 2018. This first phase will be followed by the construction of Villas 5,9 and 10 and followed by the remaining 9 contemporary Villas.

The current status is the detailing of the Villas, licence applications and that the construction of the infrastructure is about to begin.