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by MDCI Project Managers / on 10 April, 2024

Common problems with local utilities in Spain

Before choosing a plot or project scope, you need to make sure you are connected to utilities and have enough power or water available to enable your project to function. In the cases where this is not currently in place, studies need to be
by MDCI Project Managers / on 5 November, 2023

Do you know what is included in your contract?

We have recently been supporting our project management clients by reviewing the contracts from potential architects, builders and design and build contractors, before they sign on the dotted line. They have been shocked by the number of revisions we have been suggesting to make
by MDCI Project Managers / on 24 October, 2023

What to do when constructors are overcharging and underdelivering

In this article, we will give you a real-life example of how things can go wrong. We’ll also share how you can come back from this position, or even better, manage it in such a way that you are not exposed to the risk
by MDCI Project Managers / on 9 August, 2023

Project Management in Practice

Today we are looking at ways where a project can run into trouble and recommending ways to avoid this for your project. This was a recent case where a foreign developer had purchased land to build and sell villas. They called us in to
by MDCI Project Managers / on 19 June, 2023

Is your project in need of rescue?

When delays and costs mount, relationships between the investors and the constructors become strained and finance constraints put the entire project at risk of never being completed. If you can relate to this, and you have a project which is currently spiralling out of
by MDCI Project Managers / on 20 April, 2023

How to select residential land and build a property in Spain

We are seeing a growing interest in building a luxury villa on the Costa del Sol from “normal” property buyers struggling to find what they want to buy due to lack of stock. Following the pandemic, the real estate market has been responding to
by MDCI Project Managers / on 29 March, 2023

Mistakes with building licences in Spain.

We recently had an assignment where we were called in to provide a chartered surveyor report on a delayed villa construction. This is a great example of the consequences that can be felt if you declare your project as a minor rather than a
by MDCI Project Managers / on 28 February, 2023

How to get finance for building projects in Spain?

Spanish banks are quite complex when it comes to attempting to gain their finance for projects. We recommend preparing well in advance, as the successful disbursements of loaned funds may still be many months away. They require a lot of documentation that may take
by MDCI Project Managers / on 18 March, 2022

Common issues when building a luxury Villa in Spain

Building your own luxury villa in the sun is a dream for many. People imagine the property that they have always wanted, built to their own exacting standards, to allow them to holiday, live, or retire in style. They want to live the dream,