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Architects approve more plans

Highest level in construction since 2008

The recovery in Malaga province seems to continue in an upward trend. Figures issued by the Malaga “Colegio de Arquitectos' (College of Architects) show it had approved 61% more residential properties than the previous year. This is the third consecutive year of growth which means that the sector is coming out of the economic crisis.

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Do you know the local urban planning?

MDCI has noticed an increase in the field of development. However, a big issue international developers face is understanding the urban and local planning laws. Too often we have to advise our clients that they do not have the right or up-to-date licenses and that the planning schedule of their project is not realistic which will result in many delays to the project with consequences to the bottom line.

One of our clients needed help and confirmation with their process of validating planning. An external opinion and advice was needed regarding their estimated timeline for planning and licensing. With our confidential report, which contained credible next steps with realistic deadlines, they were able to make the right decision for their investment.  We can provide a planning service independently from our other services helping the developer to understand what the opportunities and challenges of his investment will be. Contact us if you need any advice.

Town Planning in Marbella Spain

Marbella council approves 1986 town plan.

Have you come accross planning confusion affecting your property investments?

With the recent cancellation of the 2010 PGOU official town planning in Marbella it can be difficult to know what to do, what to expect- and how to manage a valid way forwards.  The good news now is that we have a legalised master town plan in Marbella albeit dating back to 1986.

MDCI has learned over the years that you cannot be complacent with the local planning laws. We have been on the forefront of numerous Urbanistic challenges and worked diligently in resolving them. Rest assured that we can help you, if clarification is needed - and help you to make sure your project has all the legal requirements - avoiding delays and obstacles to your project.

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Real Estate in Spain increases sales

The property market sales in Spain  saw an 18% increase in 2015.

The article in hostelsur reports us that according to the Ministerio de Fomento the 13% residential property in Spain was bought by Foreign buyers, meaning 1 out of every 5 sales. This is an increase of 9.8% with the year before.

The increase in the main destinations per region are Comunidad Valencia, Andalucía, Cataluña, the Canary Islands, the Baleares and Madrid.

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Read the article (in Spanish).

Optimism in the property market

Property investment in Andalucia

Especially in Malaga and the Costa del Sol 2014 was a record year in terms of investment of property according to the latest report from international property market consultancy CB Richard Ellis.

The greatest investments have been in the hotel and residential sector writes The Sur in English, Increase in sales have meant that the housing stock in Malaga City and Marbella is almost non existent which has led to new housing developments being initiated for the first time in seven years.

CBRE points out that Malaga's property market “has changed direction over the past 18 months so that we can talk about consolidated growth and a new cycle for Malaga and Costa del Sol”. Read more in the below link.

Investment in Costa's property market reaches historic high

Property transactions in Spain.

Property transactions have risen for six months in a row.

In Spain,  house Sales are up 15.5% in February writes Newspaper El País.

The highest number of total property transactions is in Andalusia, Southern Spain.

MDCI has noticed the difference in quantities of property being sold or built in Andalusia, especially in the Marbella region. Inquiries are coming in fast. Clients are looking to construct their luxurious villa either for own use or as a potential investment. This is easier said than done, with the cancellation of the 2010 Urban Planning in Marbella it is not always clear which plot is available and if it has the correct licenses. It is of utmost importance that you do your research or alternatively have us do it for you to avoid any costly surprises.

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Property Villa Marbella Spain

Luxury Villa in Marbella

Are you confident about your investment opportunity?

What stage is your investment?

Are you at the feasibility study stage of your project or are you looking at a potential investment opportunity? Do you know where to buy land, what to develop and how to sell it but have no existing infrastructure? Do you have the local expertise when it comes to the physical realisation of the project?

Many questions one answer.

You might need your investment validated. What you would like to avoid is that further down the line you encounter unnecessary and unexpected delays affecting the project's viability.  Make sure to have a completed study done including full information on licence acquisition, costings and timings to provide a level of comfort that will allow you to proceed confidently with your investment. This means establishing the targets and objectives and translating these into a project planning, costing and quality control programme.

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