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Town Planning in Marbella Spain

Marbella council approves 1986 town plan.

Have you come accross planning confusion affecting your property investments?

With the recent cancellation of the 2010 PGOU official town planning in Marbella it can be difficult to know what to do, what to expect- and how to manage a valid way forwards.  The good news now is that we have a legalised master town plan in Marbella albeit dating back to 1986.

MDCI has learned over the years that you cannot be complacent with the local planning laws. We have been on the forefront of numerous Urbanistic challenges and worked diligently in resolving them. Rest assured that we can help you, if clarification is needed - and help you to make sure your project has all the legal requirements - avoiding delays and obstacles to your project.

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Marriott buys Starwood Hotels

Marriott International and Starwood Hotels create the world's biggest hotel company

The deal will combine Mariott's 19 brands, including Ritz-Carlton and Fairfiled Inn, with Starwood's Westin, W and St Regis chains and will end up being the largest hotel chain with 5.500 properties worldwide.

Marriott in Marbella

Marriott's Marbella Beach Resort was the first Marriott flagship Resort in Europe and MDCI delivered the Project Management to make it happen.

As the VP-Design & Construction wrote: “With the services and skills provided by Mark Lawson, Marriott Vacation Club was able to guarantee a very high-quality product always achieving the targeted delivery schedule and maintaining the budgeted cost under strict control, resulting in financial benefit to the company”.


Marriott International buys Starwood Hotels-BBC News.

MDCI working with Marbella Town Hall

Urban Plan

The approval of the new Urban Plan for Marbella on 29/01/2010 offers tremendous opportunities for investors, developers and home builders. MDCI is Marbella's leading project management company offering investors the guarantees necessary to take their building projects to successful conclusion.

In the photo are Mari Angeles Muñoz, Mayoress of Marbella and Mark S Lawson, MD of MDCI Project Managers.

townhall without Clifford

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