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Architects approve more plans

Highest level in construction since 2008

The recovery in Malaga province seems to continue in an upward trend. Figures issued by the Malaga “Colegio de Arquitectos' (College of Architects) show it had approved 61% more residential properties than the previous year. This is the third consecutive year of growth which means that the sector is coming out of the economic crisis.

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Do you know the local urban planning?

MDCI has noticed an increase in the field of development. However, a big issue international developers face is understanding the urban and local planning laws. Too often we have to advise our clients that they do not have the right or up-to-date licenses and that the planning schedule of their project is not realistic which will result in many delays to the project with consequences to the bottom line.

One of our clients needed help and confirmation with their process of validating planning. An external opinion and advice was needed regarding their estimated timeline for planning and licensing. With our confidential report, which contained credible next steps with realistic deadlines, they were able to make the right decision for their investment.  We can provide a planning service independently from our other services helping the developer to understand what the opportunities and challenges of his investment will be. Contact us if you need any advice.

Town Planning in Marbella Spain

Marbella council approves 1986 town plan.

Have you come accross planning confusion affecting your property investments?

With the recent cancellation of the 2010 PGOU official town planning in Marbella it can be difficult to know what to do, what to expect- and how to manage a valid way forwards.  The good news now is that we have a legalised master town plan in Marbella albeit dating back to 1986.

MDCI has learned over the years that you cannot be complacent with the local planning laws. We have been on the forefront of numerous Urbanistic challenges and worked diligently in resolving them. Rest assured that we can help you, if clarification is needed - and help you to make sure your project has all the legal requirements - avoiding delays and obstacles to your project.

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Spanish Technical Architects and the RICS

Mutual recognition between CGATE and the international organization RICS.

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This agreement will be very useful, among other things, facilitating the professional work of Spanish surveyors abroad.

The Spanish technical architects will now have direct access to a prestigious certification of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), one of the most exclusive and recognized international organizations of real estate professionals, which, among other things, will facilitate professional performance abroad and allow RICS standard to be complied with and respected.

What agreement?

José Antonio Otero, president of the General Council of Technical Architecture of Spain (CGATE) and Maarten Vermeulen, director of RICS for Europe, signed a mutual recognition agreement last Friday that articulates the collaboration that both associations have maintained in recent years.

Thanks to this agreement the Spanish technical architects will have a direct access route to the associate member qualification of RICS.

In order to be an associate member of RICS - in the field of Building Surveying, it is enough for collegiate technical architects to have one year of relevant professional experience after graduation, to pass an evaluation that the CGATE and RICS jointly develop and pass an evaluation in ethics.

The signed agreement establishes the objective of expanding the number of specialities as soon as possible. This access route to RICS allows the possibility of more experienced Spanish Technical Architects to access other routes established by RICS, in particular, the Senior Professional, Senior Expert or Professionally Experienced route.

What Partnership?

Likewise, the CGATE commits itself to recognize the professional qualifications of those members of RICS who fulfil the Spanish legal requirements. The CGATE will advise and where appropriate, report favourably to the Spanish authority - Ministerio de Fomento, requests for recognition of Qualifications in Spain for members of the RICS who possess academic qualifications comparable to those of the technical architects. “With this agreement, we improved the international employability of Spanish technical architects and engineers and contributed to the prestige of our profession,” said the president of the CGATE, José Antonio Otero. Maaten Vermeulen stated during the signing of the agreement that “the current collaboration between RICS and CGATE will be supported, enhanced and expanded, thanks to this agreement.”

The framework partnership agreement also opens the possibility of future collaborations, such as the recognition by RICS of training programs or professional certification systems promoted by the Colleges of Architects and Technical Architects.


RICS is a professional organization that accredits professionals in the field of real estate, development and construction. Founded in London in 1868, it now has more than 125,000 accredited professionals in more than 140 countries.


The General Council of Technical Architecture of Spain groups the 55 Colleges of Surveyors and Technical Architects of Spain, to which more than 50,000 professionals belong.


Mark Lawson, in his capacity of Board Member on the AEDIP (Spanish Project Management Companies Association) responsible for International Relations, concludes a “value-added” alliance with CIOB (Chartered Institute of Building).

In the photo, left to right are: Saleem Akram (Director of Construction Innovation and Development CIOB), Professor Li Shirong (Vice President CIOB), Keith Pickavance (President CIOB), Mark Lawson (MDCI Project Managers and Board member AEDIP) and Jess Deacon (Manager, Chartered Building Companies/ Consultancies). The event was the signing of the Alliance and the CIOB Annual Guildhall Dinner.


CIOB AEDIP agreement

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