Why we love being a Project Manager

MDCI have been delivering quality project management in Spain for 24 years and we’re passionate about what we do. That’s why, in the month of love, we wanted to tell you why we love being a project manager so much and why our clients love us too!

Six reasons we love our job

1. There’s never a dull moment and no day is the same

Effective Project Management is the accrual of experience, knowledge and experience in many areas of the property development business, brought to bear in defence of the business targets of the Client. There are so many ways that we represent our clients’ best interests, that we’re always doing different things, and problem solving in different ways. The sheer variety provides a thrill.

2. You never stop learning

The identifying, selecting, marshalling and guiding of the multiple actors and players needed to complete a construction project means one is engaged in many varied facets of the business. It’s fascinating to learn about and see lots of skilled tradesmen in action over the course of a build.

To be involved with and learning from so many different teams and disciplines is very enjoyable, varied and rewarding. On top of that, as building technology and practices evolve, tastes and trends change and rules and regulations are updated, you need to keep yourself informed and ensure all those involved with the project are too. Continuous professional development, alongside a wide variety of projects taking place simultaneously, helps you always to be in the fore of the business, sharpening your skills, to deliver accurate information to the Client every step of the way.

3. Project Management keeps you on your toes

Managing change is a big part of our job and requires us to be constantly be on our toes and be able to respond quickly. We relish the challenge of marshalling all the necessary resources to intervene at the right time and in the right way in order to keep the project on track. It’s very rewarding to be able to provide alternative solutions to problems which were often not envisaged, in order to not slow things down or disrupt the programme.

4. Project Management requires strategic thinking

One of the parts of the project management process which is often overlooked and undervalued, but which we really enjoy, is the strategic planning. The mapping out of the development strategy and integrating all the necessary steps to deliver the project on time and on budget requires top line strategic thinking, lots of foresight and deft handling. Our many years of experience in managing and delivering projects gives us the ability to pre-empt common problems and raise potential issues with clients at this stage and create detailed plans and strategy documents which inform the whole construction process. It’s always a pleasure to present these plans and gain the “sign off” from the Client to move ahead, it’s a real vote of confidence that we always enjoy and can’t be underestimated.

5. We protect our clients’ interests and help guide them through the project

At the heart of the project management process is the fact that we care about our clients and don’t want them to be taken for a ride. We love to be able to teach and guide our clients through the complicated process of building your own luxury villa, or development.

They all come to Spain and decide to invest their time, money and energy into building in good faith. We hate to see people being misled, or intentionally taken advantage of due to this good faith and lack of experience. The stress and money worries that can arise from these projects can be immense, if not handled correctly. That’s why we take so much pride in being able to take away these uncertainties for them and be the person always fighting to make their vision a reality and ensure they never pay over the odds, or get taken advantage of.

6. We love delivering projects on time and on budget

There are few professional pleasures comparable to delivering a project, in which you have played a key part, ON TIME and ON BUDGET. It makes one proud to be a professional project manager when you stand back and admire the finished project and recall all the issues dealt with over the construction period.

Our CEO and lead project manager Mark Lawson often likens it to piloting an aircraft. The construction process requires detailed planning, analysis of prevailing circumstances, the calculation of sufficient fuel and permissions for the journey (in this case funding and budgeting), the overseeing and managing of the whole process to conclusion (the piloting) and the safe landing and arrival on a timely basis. Like flying a plane, project management is a complex process, with lots of external factors at play and unpredictable headwinds to navigate, but when you bring the project in on time and on budget it is really rewarding.

Standing back and admiring the results of all that effort and the combined work of teams of professionals is a fantastic feeling. Plus, after all these years in the business, we can enjoy seeing the delivered projects in all their glory every time we drive around the Costa del Sol, and be happy that our clients or their buyers are enjoying living, working or holidaying in these well-built and well considered buildings.

La Cala Golf Resort

Why our clients love MDCI

We offer the ultimate peace of mind for anyone undertaking a construction project in Spain. When clients contract MDCI they know that everything is under control and nothing is going to get missed and they love being able to leave it all to us.

When you choose MDCI as your project manager in Spain, our role is to be your eyes and ears, monitoring the project throughout, making decisions and guiding the team to ensure you get what you want. This starts by selecting the right architect under the most competitive and clear contractual conditions and ensuring the architect designs exactly the house of your wishes, within budget. From that point forward we select and negotiate with the best available builders who can commit to completing your project within the agreed terms.

You will have total peace of mind knowing that our local, bilingual experts are on the ground to negotiate and arrange your building permits for you with the Town Halls, obtain the best financing deals from the banks and cut through the red tape. Having an expert on hand to supervise the whole process of development to delivery to handle the issues and meet your timescale and budget needs means you don’t have to worry and you have the best possible chance of a successful and stress-free project. What’s not to love about that?!

Don’t just take our word for it, here are just a few testimonials and recommendations from happy customers.

“We commend MDCI’s expertise, knowledge and rigorous process and we have constantly benefitted from their guidance professionalism and wealth of experience in safeguarding our project timescales, budgets and quality of our project.”
“Mark and his team are outstanding professionals and MDCI did an amazing job for us. They were patient, tough, persistent, and incredibly responsive. They took the initiative in helping us make decisions and were meticulous in the extreme. They managed the project with rigour, holding all contractors to their obligations as to cost and delivery with great tenacity.”
“The project was delivered on time and on budget and to an excellent standard. MDCI went to incredible lengths for us as clients, no request was too difficult. The approach was truly that of a client first approach.”
“We can see your commitment to our project and feel calmer with a professional like you by our side. We now feel like we are properly looked after.”
“With the services provided by Mr Lawson, the company was able to guarantee a very high-quality product, always achieving the targeted delivery schedule and maintaining the budgeted cost under strict control – resulting in financial benefit to the company”.

Contact us today if you are about to embark on a construction project in Spain, or have hit a bump in the road and need help getting to the finish line. We would love to be able to help!

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