Why contracting a Project Developer helps to guarantee results and profits?

How contracting a Project Developer will help you to guarantee results and profits.

The returns available from building a villa, hotel, or a development of apartments or townhouses and then selling them on are considerable. This makes it a very attractive investment proposition and has caught the attention of groups and companies outside of the construction and development industry. We’re seeing investment funds, crowdfunding entities and individuals looking to enter into this lucrative market and maximise their returns for their investors, shareholders, or personal wealth. However, as they do not have any prior development, or building experience, they require a lot of support from local experts, to lead the process, as well as to guarantee to maximise returns from the project.

These companies and individuals need more than simply a project manager to run the project according to their targets, plans and wishes. They need a Project Developer, sitting at the very epicentre of the project.

The Project Developer will work alongside the investment team, or individual investor from the outset to successful completion of the project and not only work on the plans to keep to budget, but indeed set the targets, budgets and timescales with the support of the clients. They will setup the design and construction team, provide the leadership and take direct responsibility for the project and all the integrated processes.

This is a highly involved and important role and enables the investors to step back and leave everything in the Project Developers’ hands, knowing that the concept, the budget, the build and sales process is taken care of and has been created by people with many years’ experience in their arena.

Project Development in Spain

Every project that we undertake has different needs and requires different levels of engagement and delivery, depending on the skillset of the investors and the scope of the project.

However, a good example of how a Project Developer could support a client is the work we did for Marriott when they first decided to develop in Spain. Despite their international experience, they required a lot of support, as they hadn’t developed in Spain before. We started by taking their Technical Standards from the international brand and translating them into Spanish.  We then matched them to local building practices and materials in order to guarantee their Spanish project would live up to the very high standards they are renowned for. We worked alongside them to plan and deliver the project on time and on budget and in line with their international developments.

Another way we were involved at a Project Development level was with an American Development Fund, who had created the concept and sold all the units off-plan, but needed us to ensure the project was delivered on time and on budget. Their investment model relied upon a timely delivery date to recoup their investment and profit. We were able to support them to plan the construction work in the most effective and efficient way possible, set realistic expectations with buyers and also provide monthly reports to allow everyone to stay passionate about the project during the build.

A Swedish Asset Management Fund required a different approach. They asked us to define, design, budget and plan the project and take it to the point where construction was about to begin and then present them with the two options and help them to make a decision – to build and sell, or sell the land and the plans to a developer for them to take forward. We were able to cost and make projections for both opportunities and thereby enable them to make an informed decision which best met their objectives and man-power.

In order to do this, there was a considerable amount of strategic and clarification work to be done, such as project audits along the way and “soft bidding” of the project to the market to ascertain financial gain by both options before a firm decision can be made.

A Bespoke Project Development Service in Spain

MDCI has been working alongside developers and villa owners for nearly 25 years now, protecting their interests and ensuring their objectives are met – whatever they may be! Our Project Development Service is 100% bespoke, starting with listening to the needs and ideas of the clients and identifying the skill gap that MDCI are required to fill. Once we fully understand your needs and the scope of the project, we will propose how we can best help you to hit those targets.

Every brief and every client is different, but the skills are the same, so we have every confidence in our ability to succeed. We implement our tried and trusted structures and processes for managing deadlines and deliverables. Our communication and management skills are second to none and our detailed monthly reports are highly valued by our clients. Add to that our enviable contacts with construction teams, providers, suppliers and Town Halls and our excellent reputation and you know that you’re in the very best of hands. You can find out more about what a project developer does on our blog.

MDCI has taken on Project Development for a wide range of clients, and supported them every step of the way. We always ensure that our clients’ interests are visible and protected at all times and they are kept informed at all times. You can trust in us to deliver your project for you and become an invaluable member of your team throughout the build, finding the solution whatever changes or challenges come along.

 Contact us to discuss bringing MDCI on as your Project Development Team.

We look forward to helping you.

Guarantee your return of investment.

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