DON'T GET LOST IN THE MINEFIELD OF MODERN CONSTRUCTION Project Management Professionals From inception to targeted completion, set yourself up for success by relying on the proven experts at MDCI. About us Our projects KNOWLEDGEABLE, EXPERIENCED PROJECT MANAGEMENT PROFESSIONALS The value of experience MDCI can audit your project. Have you based your figures on the correct plans? Are you familiar with the latest planning rules? why MDCI SERVICES WITH A SMOOTH DEVELOPMENT PROCESS YOU AVOID THE PITFALLS AND CONSEQUENCES On Time, on budget, every time. We help you to establish your objective and targets and guide you through the complex development process, and avoid delays and extra costs. What service track record DETAILED METHODOLOGY TO REDUCE COSTS AND SAVE YOU MONEY Guaranteed quality and ROI. Our highly skilled professionals have reduced costs by more than €100 million. We defend your interest based on our track record of over 30 years. TESTIMONIALS LUXURY VILLAS WE ACT TO PROTECT YOUR BEST INTERESTS AT ALL TIMES. Project Management wherever you are Professionals with the skills to manage any project worldwide with proven experience in Europe, South America, Africa and who specialise in projects in Iberian peninsula. WHO ARE WE? DEVELOPMENT

The value of 30 years’ experience in Project Management

MDCI is a Full-Service Project Management Firm with over 30 years’ experience managing projects in Southern Spain, Portugal, Europe, Africa and South America. We have managed a wide range of different projects around the world, from luxury villas through to large scale developments and have the experience, skills, contacts and on the ground know how to support you to complete your project on time and on budget.

We maintain presences in numerous locations throughout the world, which means our clients can confidently pursue investment opportunities in both established and emerging markets, with the knowledge that their project is safe and in capable hands. We can handle anything from feasibility studies and site selection at the conceptual stage to stepping in and salvaging existing projects that have run astray. Learn more about our project management services

Why do you need a project manager?

Construction projects are complex and feature so many aspects which require management and supervision. Red tape must be navigated and suppliers and construction teams kept on track to get the result you want. Even before you start building you will encounter difficult situations and obstacles which are hard to overcome without experienced and skilled project managers working on your behalf.

  • Land Laws and Regulations can be extremely complex, and subject to frequent change by local, provincial or national agencies. MDCI keeps up to date on all land law changes and advises its clients accordingly.
  • Before actual construction can begin, various licenses and permits will be  needed, often requiring tedious and time-consuming bureaucratic  negotiations. MDCI’s many years’ direct experience working with municipalities and other governmental agencies ensures that all required permits are obtained as smoothly and quickly as possible.
  • Detailed project cost analyses and realistic development timelines are required for the success of any project, both of which MDCI’s consultants will provide to clients.
  • Our Consultants will also prepare in-depth Marketing & Feasibility Studies covering virtually every aspect of the planned development to help clients reach informed decisions.

What can go wrong?

Many developers reach a desperate situation when they decide not to contract the services of a professional Project Management company. This unwise decision affects all aspects of the project, with negative consequences for the developer himself and for the final owner of the property. Unfortunately, as part of our project rescue service we’ve seen this happen time and time again. When projects run into difficulties it causes stress, costs money and takes time that had not been allowed for. Ultimately it can spell the end of the project, leaving investors, constructors and buyers in a bad position.

What does having a project manager on your side give you?

  • An ally in place at all times
  • Awareness of local laws and practices
  • A full understanding of the objectives
  • Budget awareness and protection
  • Clear and realistic timings in place
  • A new and added dimension to your team

What is MDCI’s Proven Methodology?

Over our 30-year history we’ve developed a tried and tested methodology which really works. We apply this to all our projects and then use our experience and contacts to respond to issues, make decisions and guide the construction team to a successful conclusion.

We follow this proven formula to ensure your project is a success –

  • Analysis and validation of pricing strategy
  • Compilation of budget
  • Audit of technical documentation to identify errors or omissions
  • At least 5 bidders competing
  • Refining of unitary prices
  • Results in 10-30% price reductions
  • Timings
  • Planning
  • Ongoing management, supervision and problem solving
  • Consistent and clear communication

Thanks to this formula, our skilled professionals and industry experience, no project that we have controlled has ever been developed over budget or over time and we have hundreds of happy customers and successful projects under our belts. Read our testimonials

Please contact us if you’d like to contract MDCI’s project management services for your next project. We look forward to hearing from you.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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