Town planning for a better future

World Built Environment Forum Summit 2018

Interesting thoughts and information shared at the 2018 summit organised by RICS. The trend in town planning is changing from looking at the future of cities to developing a better future of people.

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Marbella Town Hall Planning

In Marbella, Spain the Town Hall Planning department team is still in working  progress in drafting a new PGOU (Plan General de Ordenación Urbanistica) after the Supreme Court ruling in 2015 cancelling the  2010 PGOU. The consequences of this was that the 1986 PGOU was automatically  activated, suddenly changing the rules for Land Owners. Developers who had based their future return on build-able area assigned had to go back to the drawing board. You can only imagine the time-delay and costs involved. Are you familiar with the latest planning rules? Have you based your figures on the correct plans? MDCI can audit your project. An audit takes stock of two items: unitary pricing and re-measurement of plans to see if there are any contingencies, errors or omissions.

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