What Current Projects are we working on now?

Our current projects are spread out in many locations. This constant activity in different places provides us with valuable skills, knowledge and experience, in addition to up-to-the-minute information on prices, contractual conditions and negotiations.

We learn invaluable lessons and improvements in our policies and procedures keeps us on the forefront of modern and successful methodologies in construction - to the benefit of our customers.  We ensure that the Client is informed of key issues, communicatins, risks, status of budgets and performance to schedule. 

Real Capital Solutions inc.

Real Capital Solutions  (RCS) based in Denver-Colorado is an active investment manager that provides smart capital and practical developer and funding solutions for profitable real estate opportunities.  Their unique approach to property investments is based on highly analytical algorithms and careful research. That data has taken them to Marbella and the Costa del Sol where to date they have invested over 86 million euros in various developments.

RCS´s projects on the Costa del Sol were suffering from a number of delays ranging from design conflicts, budget constraints to extended timescales, so after an initial audit, strategic review and value engineering process, RCS Spain decided to contract MDCI for total Project Management Service to attend to the successful delivery of several projects - ranging in standards of residential luxury - in parallel along the Costa del Sol.

Estimated development activity schedule for all 4 projects on the Costa del Sol estimated by MDCI at 40 months for a total development budget of 60,000,000€.

Example of current projects with RCS:



Luxury Villa in Marbella - Spain

Project Management and Client Representation of the construction of a new Luxury Villa in the Marbella Beach Club, Marbella.

Plot is 2500 m² with construction 1500 m².  The time scale is about 24 months.

Services provided are:  Inception Stage, Project Strategy, budgeting and schedule, Team selection, Project Implementation and Control, Delivery and Licensing Stage, Final Handover to targets and activation.

Click here for more information on Luxury Villas.


Luxury Golf Villa in La Cala Golf - Spain

Villa Project “turn-key”. With this system MDCI has calculated the “all in costs” in order to deliver the Villa with Keys in Hand to the Client who lives abroad.

The Client choose the plot and used Alberro Arquitectos for the design. MDCI is controlling the total development process and protects the Client's interest in one complete and integrated package. This provides the Client with the limits and guarantees necessary to accomplish the project - on time and on budget.

Plot is 1640 m² with construction 400 m² and the time scale is about 18 months. More information on Luxury Villas.