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Rancho Santa Monica: -a sustainable Project.

Owning a sustainable, and, at the same time a luxury property in Southern Spain, is possible at Rancho Santa Monica, according to The Sunday Times of London. Rancho Santa Monica is selected as one of the five developments being ahead of the eco curve.

Rancho Santa Monica, located in Benalmádena, Spain will be a private gated community of 25 exclusive Villas with stunning views over the Mediterranean sea. MDCI Project Developers will provide the Development Consultancy, Project Management and Client Representation services to ensure the whole process is managed to extremely high standards and guarantees.

As an example on how to use different methods for the benefit of the surroundings,  MDCI Project Developers have chosen to use the SISMO Building System which will ensure that environmental waste and expended energy in the construction is at a minimum energy efficiency levels of the finished product are vastly superior to existing traditional construction standards available.

You might think that these improved green credentials will result in higher prices but savings are achieved within the construction process for our customers by a quicker, cleaner and more efficient delivery process - thus ensuring that construction costs and overheads are minimised over a shortened - more efficiente -  construction cycle. Typically MDCI can shave 25% over a typical construction cycle- thus delivering to our clients a better product within a shorter timescale.

So everyone is in a win-win situation - resulting in energy efficiencies and green eco-friendliness in a previously wasteful process.

Sunday Times - Overseas Sustainable Projects

Rancho Santa Monica

Rancho Santa Monica - Benálmadena

Rancho Santa Monica

Rancho Santa Monica


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